12 31 Race Damper

12 31 Race Damper

Triple Adjustable Motorsport Damper


Compression adjustments are separated into the high speed and low speed piston velocity ranges affecting the bleed and blow off points of the damping curve. All oil flow paths in the JRZ 12 31 have been redesigned to maximize efficiency and give crisp feel to the driver.

Rebound valving has been completely redesigned to eliminate influence over compression forces and smooth pressure development. At the heart of the new JRZ 12 31 package is our latest motorsport piston, designed to give increased control over base characteristics, reduce hysteresis, and operate smoother.

To ensure that the valving designed into the JRZ 12 31 are the determining forces, JRZ has included new low friction coatings, seals and bearings with this package. Custom applications are available.

An easy to use system, the JRZ 12 31 enables the chassis tuner to achieve the desired mass control and handling with precision. Digressive high speed compression blow off adjustment allows for a stiff compression valving while maintaining smooth response and without losing traction.

The low speed adjustment is a powerful tool that enables the chassis tuner to maximize grip and optimize vehicle balance. The result is a damper that provides ultimate chassis and ride height control with maximum mechanical traction. The JRZ standard large 22 mm piston rod works in concert with the high speed valving to maximize blow off valve response, achieving solid chassis control without using a high spring rate.
Larger high and low speed compression adjustment range

1231_shock_dampers_jrz 1231_shock_dampers_jrz

To customize track to track setups and tailor the chassis to the driver; the JRZ 12 31 has an adjustment range able to provide damping to spring configurations ranging from 1.5-6Hz on vehicles with moderate to large aerodynamic loads. Even with a large range, each adjustment is designed to be small, even steps giving precision and confidence when making changes. The JRZ 12 31 is here to take you to the next level. Dedicated racing cars with experienced drivers deserve the professional technology JRZ delivers.

With valving designed and innovated by JRZ Suspension Engineering, the JRZ 12 31 is shipped as a custom configuration always tailored to the customer’s needs, and always comes with our world renowned personal service.


• Precise control of the chassis and unsprung masses
• Easy to change damping curves
• Large adjustment range, with fine tuning ability
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